This Day in Disney History March 29th

For March 29th… On This Day in Disney History!

On this day in Disney History… This day seems to be a pretty lucky day for Walt and his new theme park, Disneyland. First, on this day in 1954, the ABC/Paramount Board approves a deal with Walt Disney. In exchange for Walt Disney’s commitment to produce a weekly television series, ABC/Paramount will contribute $500,000 dollars to Disneyland, guarantee $4.5 million dollars in loans, and become a 34 percent owner in Disneyland, Incorporated (the actual contract won’t be signed until April 2nd). Also on this day in 1955, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway signs a five year contract with Disney paying $50,000 per year in exchange for the name Santa Fe and company logo to be used on all Disneyland trains, stations, and literature.

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