This Day in Disney History April 1st

For April 1st… On This Day in Disney History!

On this day in Disney History… On this day in 1956, Disneyland holds its very first, old-fashioned Easter Parade down Main Street, U.S.A. When Easter fell on April 1st in 1956, Disneyland’s Director of Entertainment, Tommy Walker, produced a recreation of an old-fashioned Easter Parade. There were neither electronic sound systems, nor pre-recorded soundtracks at the time…and there were no Disney characters dancing down the parade route. This parade was as close to what occurred on Main Streets 50 years earlier. The impressive display of turn of the century vehicles traveling up and down the parade route was thanks to the participation of the Horseless Carriage Club. There was also an accent on Easter fashion. Ladies dressed to the hilt and most wore Easter bonnets with celebratory frills.

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