NEW Parade Coming to Disneyland in 2020! DATES & PHOTOS

ANAHEIM, CA – Disney announced early this year at that there will be a new parade coming to the Disneyland Resort officially titled, ‘Magic Happens’.

See end of article for dates!

This new daytime parade celebrates magic in some from some of your favorite Disney stories lead by Mickey Mouse. Never heard before music composed by Todrick Hall will company the new parade as well as costumes and floats. Since the parade is called ‘Magic Happens’ expect Disney to pull out all of the stops when it comes to special effects.

Artist concept of Moana sailing on boat with animated waves.

Photo by: Disney Parks Blog

Pua and Maui even have their own float! Like Moana, this will be Maui’s first appearance in a Disneyland parade.

Photo by: Disney Parks Blog

Also making his first appearance is Miguel from Coco! This float features the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead as well as his dog Danté.

Photo by: Disney Parks Blog

Anna, Else, and Olaf make their return to the Disneyland parade circuit with this brand-new float inspired by Frozen 2.

Photo by: Disney Parks Blog

The grand finale of the ‘Magic Happens’ parade is a the happily-ever-after scene from Sleeping Beauty. But that is really interesting is the wording Disney Park Blog used to describe the float.

“Princess Aurora’s gown shimmering between hues of pink and blue”

Disney Parks Blog

Shimmering hues of pink and blue… Where have we heard that before?

Oh yeah that’s right! A person on Instagram posted a video of Aurora’s dress changing colors… Which is insane! Here’s that video below.

After some investigation I found that Snopes debunked that video as a FAKE.

Could this color changing dress becoming a reality? Probably not, but we shall see!

Photo by: Disney Parks Blog

‘Magic Happens’ arrives at Disneyland on February 28th!

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