Everything YOU NEED to Know About Rise of The Resistance Attraction at Disneyland!

We are just a few days away from the opening of the Rise of the Resistance attraction at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World! Opening on December 5th and Disneyland on January 17th.

This 18-minute attraction features 4 ride elements including, a motion simulator, trackless dark ride, dropping section, and one not confirmed. Some speculate that it is a water element.

Animatronic BB-8 rolls out to greet guests during pre-show sequence.

Early previews of this attraction reveal that you will be greeted by A1000 audio-animatronic Kylo Ren on several occasions and even avoid being maimed by his blazing light saber coming through the roof of one area with sparks and all. You will also encounter full scale AT-AT Walkers that fire lasers are your vehicle and so much more!

Realistic Kylo Ren light saber cuts through roof barely missing guests heads!

See that video below…

It is rumored that there will be 18 different show areas and a 3-act structure.

Act 1: The caves and pre-show
Act 2: Board shuttle and capture
Act 3: Escape from Star Destroyer

SOURCE: ZiggyKnowsDisney.com

There will be a live stream of the dedication ceremony for this new attraction on Disney Parks Blog on December 4 at 6:55pm EST. Dedication video link here.

Full-size X-wing drones have been spotted at WDW for the opening ceremony too!

SOURCE: BlogMickey.com

This E-ticket attraction is sure to be one of Disney’s most immersive attractions!

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