Disney Partners with Online Academy to Offer FREE Imagineer Program

Disney has partnered with Khan Academy to offer free Imagineer (Disney engineer) training officially titled, ‘Imagineering in a Box’.

This 32 part video series introduces participants to developing their own amusement parks from conceptual design and story development to, math, science and engineering.

Disney has assembled some of the most talented Imagineers from all around the globe in this state-of-the-art training aimed at shaping America’s youth. The idea behind the program is to get children interested and curious in using creativity and ingenuity to create.

At a first glance this project looks absolutely amazing! The course walks you through developing your own theme park and “themed land”

The next section is ALL about designing your own attraction! I wish they had this stuff when I was a kid!

“Modules range from a tutorial on engineering software, to an interactive exercise where learners are encouraged to gather items around them and create something new. The program’s hands-on components will allow students to relate new concepts to real-world examples to bring treasured Disney stories to life. Each activity is designed to be scalable, allowing individuals to learn on their own or in a classroom setting.”

To get started click here!

SOURCE: Disney Parks Blog

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