Baby Yoda MERCH Has Landed! Mugs/Cups & Cases (PART 1)

Baby Yoda Merch - Part 1

Fans of The Mandalorian or just fans of BABY YODA can now rejoice as the first batch of Baby Yoda merchandise has be released!

Before I jumped into the details let me point out that YES, we know that this isn’t Yoda, Yoda died in Return of the Jedi, BEFORE the events of the Mandalorian series! So all disclaimers aside, let’s jump into it!

Baby Yoda or “The Child” has officially become a thing thanks to the popularity of the NEW Mandalorian series on Disney+ and Facebook. After watching the The Mandalorian for myself I can say now that I am totally #TeamBabyYoda 😀

So this is what we can buy from ShopDisney:

The Child (Baby Yoda) Mug

Baby Yoda Mug
Baby Yoda Mug | Photo:

PRICE: $19.95 | Purchase Link
Colors: Black, Hunter Green, Maroon, Navy Blue, Yellow

Of course if you’re not a mug person they have other options too if you click on the “more” section of the product page as shown below.

Click on the
Click on the “More” option for additional styles.

Here are the other Baby Yoda mug “options” with prices.

They also have a Baby Yoda Tote bag just in case you want to show people that you aren’t crazy and are on the go.

Baby Yoda Tote bag
Baby Yoda Tote bag | Photo:

PRICE: $19.95 | Purchase Link


Baby Yoda Iphone X Case | Photo:
Baby Yoda Iphone X Case | Photo:

PRICE: $34.95 | Purchase Link

Chillax Android users, they got you covered too. If fact, this is all the devices that they make covers for:

  • Apple iPhone XS | $34.95
  • Apple iPhone XS Max | $39.95
  • Apple iPhone XR | $34.95
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 | $34.95
  • Apple iPhone X | $34.95
  • Apple iPhone 8/7 | $34.95
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus | $39.95
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 | $34.95
  • Apple iPhone 6/6s | $39.95
  • Apple iPhone 6/6s Plus | $44.95
  • Apple iPhone SE + iPhone 5/5S | $39.95
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 | $34.95
  • Apple iPad Mini | $59.95

Purchase link for all styles

The Child Speck iPhone Case

The Child Speck iPhone Case | Photo:

PRICE: $44.95 | Purchase Link

Sorry Android users, these clear cases are Apple only. /=

Additional devices:

  • Apple iPhone 11 | $49.95
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro | $44.95
  • Apple iPHone 11 Pro Max | $49.95
  • Apple iPhone XR | $49.95
  • Apple iPhone X | $44.95
  • Apple iPhone XS Max | $49.95
  • Apple iPhone XS | $44.95
  • Apple iPhone 8/7/6s/6 | $49.99

The Child Acrylic Tumbler

The Child Acrylic Tumbler | Photo:

PRICE: $14.95 | Purchase Link
16oz | BPA Free
Colors: Blue, Red, Smoke, Purple, Dark Green, Fuchsia Pink

Continue reading part 2 for Baby Yoda shirts!

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