Animatronic Spider-Man Will Swing Above Avengers Campus EXPLAINED!

Disney has confirmed today that Spider-Man will “Swing into action above Avengers Campus”. As you can see from the video post by Disneyland Today, an animatronic Spider-Man figure is seen flailing through the wind.

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As you can see this animatronic Spidey has a full range of web swinging motion.

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The one above is kind of funny… LOL!

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But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this… Back in 2018 we were given a little gem of flying animatronics. Walt Disney Imagineering released this video of them testing out the possibility of “flying animatronics” but were never explained.

I think the hero stance and somersaults were a dead giveaway as to what they were building. But how were they going to use it?

As the Avengers Campus (Marvel Land) construction began in California Adventure, we saw this giant trussing piece outside of the Spider-Man attraction. Could this trussing be where Spider-Man swings from? I think so!

So this is what the breakdown of the web-swinging action might look like.

Animatronic Spider-Man is stored in the red “box” connected to a cable until it’s showtime.

I’m assuming there will be some kind of show to get everyone pumped about seeing Spider-Man.

Then robotic Spider-Man will be launched into the performing somersault and other cool super-hero moves!

I was talking about this last year at when I was visiting the Avengers Campus booth at the D23 Expo… I cued up the video to that exact part, so just press play.

Let’s see what happens in the coming months!

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