Air Quality Concerns to CLOSE Most Disney Fireworks Displays in 2020!

ANAHEIM – In a shocking move, Disney has announced that they will be working on a “modified fireworks schedule”, meaning that most of the 2020 firework will be cancelled.

“We are working to hard to preserve the legacy and ideologies of Walt Disney, we have adapted a modified fireworks schedule that will best coincide with natural purification of the local Eco-system. Not only was Walt Disney a pioneer in animation and a lover of animals, he was also one of the founding fathers of GreenPeace.” – Disney Representative

A local environmental scientist Dr. A. Izaguirre has stated that the overwhelming affect that sulfur has on our Eco-system in conjunction with the recent fires could be devastating.

The dates that the fireworks will NOT be displayed:
December 31st – April 1st
June 2nd – July 17th
October 5th – December 28th

It appears that ALL of Disney’s most beloved fireworks spectaculars will be CANCELLED for 2020, which brings to mind what Disney has planned for that year.

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