Find The Mouse was founded in 2012 by Paul. It was originally created as a comprehensive guide to find Hidden Mickey’s throughout the Disneyland Resort. In 2013 the website was launched but was shortly removed due to lack of resources. In 2017 we are happy to announce that our website is coming back and has developed into something better! Moving towards the future FindTheMouse.com will cover Disneyland Resort news as well as other Disney Parks. News is only the tip of the iceberg; we will be interviewing Disney experts, historians, Cast Members and more on everything Disney! If you like what we do then please feel free to donate to our cause on Patreon.

meet the team

FindTheMouse.com is brought to you by these AWESOME people.

Paul Maciel

Paul Maciel is the founder of Find The Mouse. He is a Disney Parks enthusiasts as well as an Annual Passholder at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. If you have any requests, questions, or suggestions please contact him at [email protected]/dev6.

Tim Strauch
Contributing Author

Tim Strauch is an Elementary school teacher and former Disneyland Cast Member. As an avid aspiring voice actor and Disney fanatic, Mr. Strauch has been recording daily “Fun Facts” over the years for his students and the Disneyland Alumni Club & Historical Society. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and YouTube for his latest updates!