4 Best Rides for Sensory-Sensitive People in Disney World

Are you going to plan your next trip with your family to the Disney World? Are you nervous about the rides because your kids are sensitive, but at the same time you want a stress free visit? You and your family can enjoy a wonderful and unimaginable vacation in Disney World if you take some precautionary steps on your trip. You have to choose the 4 best Magic Kingdom Rides for Sensory-Sensitive People. One wrong decision about ride can cause them to have a panic attack. It can cause a deep fear that can prevent them from going on even the simplest rides later on.

Keeping this point in mind, we have made a list of the rides that are good for your kids.

  1. it’s a small world

Your Disney trip will be incomplete without this magic ride. It’s a small world is a good ride for your kids as it doesn’t have anything that will disturb or harm your kids. It is gentle boat rides that take you through the different scenes with dancing and singing dolls. The music is very soothing and not loud, lights are not too bright or too dim. Your kid will not feel that he is trapped as there are no seatbelts. You will not have to wait for long to take a ride in “it’s a small world” as the queue is usually not long. But during some days you will see the huge crowd and wait times can extend up to an hour, make sure to plan accordingly

  1. Peter pan’s fight

Peter Pan is one of the most beloved Disney characters, so his ride takes the second spot in our list of sensory sensitive rides at Disney World. This ride will take you to Peter’s home of Neverland in a gentle flying ship. During ride, guests fly throughout the London and Neverland in a gentle movement that has many spectacular scenes. The ride is very mellow when it comes to over stimulating scenes and the audio is not excess. Additionally, there are no tight seat belts or artificial scents so your kids will not feel panic and can easily enjoy this amazing ride.

  1. The People Mover

The ”People Mover” is the most ideal and straightforward rides for Sensory sensitive people. People mover will take you on a round trip tour of Tomorrowland. Similar to the ”Peter pan’s fight” ride, it does feature a dark room. The music of this ride can be overwhelming for some, but there is no use of artificial scents. You don’t have to wait for long for this ride either as there is hardly a line. So take your child to this friendly ride and enjoy it.

  1. The Jungle Cruise

The “jungle cruise” will take you to the major rivers of the world, and you can explore wildlife. It is a great ride for the sensory-sensitive kids. The ride is full of fun, and your kid will learn about the world’s major rivers. On your ride, a friendly skipper will entertain you by cracking some jokes that you and your kids will surely love. Although this made it our list of sensory sensitive rides at Walt Disney World there is one part of the ride that may be a little much for those that do not handle loud noises very well. In the scene where the hippos emerge from the water the skipper pulls out a gun and fires it into the air. Now this is not a real gun so it’s definitely not as loud but it could be a little disturbing, think cap gun. Before entering the ride be sure to speak to one of the skippers as they could tone down the show for special needs.

All these rides of a magic kingdom are among the Best 4 Magic Kingdom Rides for Sensory-Sensitive People. So, go to the Disney World and have fun on these rides. Be sure to check out our Disney World Vacation Guide for all the other tips and trips to maximize your vacation!

Image By Michael Gray (Boy in Gondola Small World Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World) CC BY 2.0, via flickr

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