3 Major Disneyland Attractions to Close for Refurbishment in 2020!

Haunted Mansion Extended Renovation

According to the OC Register, The Haunted Mansion is expected to close on January 21st for at least 2 months. During this period, an extensive renovation will be performed. The attraction’s paint, trim, lighting, and mechanics are said to be refreshed. No additional changes are expected to be made.

After the run of the Haunted Mansion Holiday, the removal of the decorations will begin (which lasts 2-3 weeks) and then the actual refurbishment. The last day to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday is January 20th!

Snow White’s Scary Adventures 2020 Refurbishment/Enhancements

Disneyland has filed permits with the city of Anaheim for a $445,000 refurbishment in 2020 according to city records.

According to the permits filed, this is what’s happening:

  • Electrical upgrades
  • New structural beams
  • Removable and replacement of show areas
  • Rock work refurbishment


New projector stands are also included in the permit as well. This could be an indication that they will be adding new effects to the ride. During the refurbishment of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, Disney added modern projection effects which complimented the classic style of these beloved attractions.

Indiana Jones Adventure $300,000 Refurbishment

Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland is expected to close in 2020 for a $300,000 refurbishment according to filed permit. The plank bridge, as well as its steel structure, and rock work are cited to be replaced. 

Personally, I am hoping that restore the bridge collapse effect!

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